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Our Story

The McCandless Collection was founded by Mike McCandless in honor of his father, Herb McCandless. Herb was a legendary drag racer known as “Mr. 4 Speed”. The families passion for racing was passed down and now hundreds of cars as well as many other vintage automotive memorabilia are on showcase at this museum.

Not Just A Museum

Our Mission

The McCandless Collection is a culmination of Mike McCandless's passion for all things Mopar and his love of the “Forward Look” era from 1955-1961. Mike has collected automobilia and cars his entire life. His vision is to properly preserve, restore, and share the history associated with these Mopar artifacts.

McCandless Collection

Trades & Manufacturing Fund

To provide the required "bundles' of textbooks and supplies to high school juniors and seniors who enroll in the "ACC Automotive Systems Technology" program as a part of the Career and College Program, priority will be given to students recommended as in need of financial assistance by their high school counselors. Funds will also be used for recruiting activities related to the Automotive Systems Technology program.




Mike’s father is the legendary racer Herb McCandless, Sr., who started drag racing in 1959 at the age of 16. He was immediately hooked and “Mr. 4 Speed” was born. Herb earned the nickname because of his ability to shift a manual transmission while making it sound as smooth as an automatic. Herb is from an era of racing where the racer was the engine builder, mechanic, truck driver and race car driver all rolled in to one.

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His son’s passion for vintage Mopars was passed down from his father and is now a shared hobby between the two.  Many of the cars in this collection receive proper care and maintenance by Herb himself.  So much for retirement!  In his spare time, he travels, does freelance writing, and makes public appearances.  You might run into Herb anywhere, from a Saturday night cruise-in to the NHRA US Nationals.