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The McCandless Collection will take you back to the days of "The Forward Look Era" automotive design, racing, and drivers themselves. We guarantee an unforgettable experience. With so many classic vehicles under one roof, we have something everyone will get excited about.

Collecting Vintage Automobilia: Cars, Signs, and More!

What is automobilia, and why does it captivate us? From the distinctive charm of classic cars to the weathered beauty of old highway signs, automobilia encompasses the tangible pieces of the automotive past. The McCandless Collection showcases various facets of this unique collecting niche, bridging the gap between history and hobby.

McCandless Automobilia Collection

  • Automobilia collecting is about preserving automotive heritage, with items ranging from vintage vehicles and signs to model cars and toys that encapsulate different eras and technological milestones.

  • The McCandless Collection exemplifies a significant commitment to automobilia, providing insight into the Forward Look Era and the broader context of vintage automobilia, including its care, preservation, and display.

Discovering the World of Automobilia

Collecting automobilia goes beyond merely acquiring objects; it reflects a commitment to preserving a legacy. Automobilia collectors are the custodians of a heritage that encompasses a myriad of eras, styles, and technological milestones. Each curated piece, be it a vintage vehicle, an enamored sign, or an old oil can, carries with it a chapter of automotive history, ensuring that the stories and significance of these treasures are shared and not lost to time.

The impact of such collections can often leave visitors astounded, as they traverse halls that echo with the grandeur of the past.

The Allure of Classic Cars

Classic cars represent the core essence of automobilia. From the polished elegance of cars manufactured between 1919 and 1930 to the iconic designs of the 1940s to 1960s, each vehicle is a testament to the era it hails from. These vehicles, characterized by their chrome accents and unique curves, serve as more than just transport; they act as moving exhibits of their era’s artistry.

Antique cars, often defined by their simplicity and historical features, connect us to the roots of automotive history, offering a unique blend of emotional journey and practical benefits. Exploring these classic vehicles can make you appreciate the advancements in the car today.

Signage of the Times

Apart from the vehicles and their hood ornaments, the enchanting visual charm of vintage advertising signs, including porcelain signs, also captivates. Porcelain neon signs, with their radiant glow, have become a prized possession for many collectors. These relics of advertising not only illuminate the past but also serve as a beacon for those interested in the art of branding and design.

The Forward Look Era at McCandless Collection

The McCandless Collection stands as a proud monument to the Forward Look Era, a period from 1955 to 1961 known for its bold styling and progressive design ethos. This collection, diligently curated, offers a window into an iconic chapter of automotive history, featuring distinctive vehicles that encapsulate the spirit and innovation of the time.

However, the McCandless Collection is not limited to cars; it is also a treasure chest filled with period-specific memorabilia that offers an encompassing retrospective of the Forward Look Era.

In the quest to preserve automotive history, collectors and institutions like the McCandless Collection play a pivotal role. The collective effort of these guardians, as seen in the popularity of reality TV shows, has elevated the visibility and perceived value of automobilia, ensuring that the legacies of these machines and artifacts endure. Collections such as the McCandless, borne from the passion of individuals like Mike McCandless, who created it to honor his father Herb McCandless Sr., are instrumental in maintaining the rich tapestry of automotive racing history.

With everything from vintage car parts to historical photographs, visitors can see a wide array of collectibles to keep the varied heritage of automobile culture thriving.

Visit the McCandless Automobilia Collection

As we conclude this journey through the captivating world of vintage automobilia, it’s clear that this pastime is more than a hobby—it’s a commitment to preserving a slice of history. From the elegance of vintage vehicles to the charm and glow of neon signs, each piece of automobilia has its own story to tell. The McCandless Collection stands as a beacon for collectors, offering a glimpse into the Forward Look Era and beyond. As we embark on—or continue—our own collecting journey, we remember the importance of authenticity, the joy of community, and the responsibility of preservation. Let our journey inspire you, as our collection grows to tell its own unique story.

Preserving the history of Cars and many other vintage automotive memorabilia from "The Forward Look Era" (1955-1961)
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