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A Journey Through Automotive History
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Keeping Auto History Alive

Uncover the evolution of automotive design at the McCandless Collection, a classic car museum where each classic car is a chapter from the Forward Look Era’s story. This museum isn’t about overwhelming quantity; it’s about appreciating the quality and innovation that changed the face of 20th-century cars.

As we continually grow our collection of iconic rare vehicles, antiques, and memorabilia over time, it’s safe to say that you’ll see something new every time you come back to see us at The McCandless Collection.

  • The McCandless Collection celebrates the Forward Look Era, showcasing an extensive array of classic vehicles and vintage automotive memorabilia, offering an in-depth look at the culture and automotive industry history.

  • The museum features noteworthy automobiles like the 1957 Chrysler 300C and rare models such as a Ghia Limousine and a 1959 Dodge Custom Royal Convertible, embodying innovation and cultural impact of their times.

  • Visitors can engage with various exhibits, special events, educational programs, and car enthusiast gatherings, ensuring a holistic experience into classic automotive history.

Our Automobilia Collection

Our Automobilia Collection

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Discovering the McCandless Collection

The McCandless Collection, a premier car museum located in North Carolina, is a celebration of ‘The Forward Look Era’ automobiles and memorabilia. The museum transports its visitors to a time of radical innovation in design and technology, displaying an extensive selection of classic vehicles from this iconic era. The journey doesn’t stop at the cars, though.

A wide array of vintage automotive memorabilia complements the car collection, sketching a vivid picture of the culture and history of the automotive industry. From vintage race helmets and trophies to signs and rare documents, the memorabilia exhibit adds another layer of depth to the visitor’s experience.

The Forward Look Era

The Forward Look Era marked a significant shift in the automotive industry, with Virgil Exner leading Chrysler’s design evolution from 1955 to 1963. This was an era that redefined the very shape of vehicles. The long, low, and wide dimensions of the cars, as well as their pronounced tailfins, became a hallmark of the era.

The design innovations introduced by Chrysler had such a profound impact that competitors like General Motors felt compelled to revise their designs. The influence of the Forward Look Era continues to be felt to this day in the automotive industry, a testament to its monumental significance.

Vintage Automotive Memorabilia

Beyond the impressive lineup of cars, the McCandless Collection houses an extensive range of vintage automotive memorabilia. These carefully preserved artifacts offer an in-depth look at the culture and history of the Forward Look Era, adding a rich context to the classic cars on display.

The array of memorabilia often includes:

  • race and replica helmets

  • trophies

  • signs

  • rare documents

  • models of classic cars

These pieces act as a window into the past, revealing the spirit and passion that fueled the automotive industry during this iconic era.


Plan Your Visit to the McCandless Collection

Now that we’ve ignited your interest in the McCandless Collection, let’s make sure you have all the information you need to plan your visit. Whether you want to book a group tour, arrange a corporate meeting, or host a private event, the McCandless Collection offers the support you need.

From ensuring accessibility to understanding the hours of operation and admission fees, let’s pave the way for your memorable journey into the world of classic cars.

Location and Accessibility

The first step in your journey is to reach the destination. The McCandless Collection is conveniently located at 1452 Industry Dr Burlington, NC 27215. With its central location, the museum is easily accessible, making it a perfect spot for classic car enthusiasts to gather and connect.

Hours of Operation and Admission Fees

To ensure you can fully immerse yourself in the experience, it’s essential to know the museum’s operating hours. The McCandless Collection operates by appointment only from Monday to Saturday and is closed on Sundays. Contact us for more information on admission fees.

Contact Information

Should you have any queries or need immediate assistance, the McCandless Collection is just a phone call or an email away. You can reach them at (336) 792-2254 or send an email to We are more than happy to assist you with any questions or provide any additional information you might require.

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Supporting the McCandless Collection Auto Museum

Preserving the past for future generations is a noble cause, and the McCandless Collection relies on the support of individuals to continue its mission. There are numerous ways you can support the museum, from making tax-deductible donations to becoming a member or volunteering your time and expertise.

Whether you’re passionate about the preservation of classic cars or eager to support educational programs that foster a love for automotive history, your contribution can make a significant difference.

Donations and Sponsorships

Your contribution can play a crucial role in preserving vintage vehicles and funding educational programs at the McCandless Collection. Donating classic cars, in particular, not only supports the museum but also earns you a tax deduction.

The museum has a simple donation process, including an online form and possible complimentary towing service for donated vehicles. Donated cars may be incorporated into the museum’s display or sold, with the proceeds going towards museum initiatives.

Volunteering Opportunities

If you’re passionate about classic cars and wish to give back to the community, volunteering at the McCandless Collection could be a rewarding experience. The museum is looking to expand to diverse volunteering opportunities, from guiding tours to restoring classic cars and helping with events.

Volunteering offers the chance to work closely with the automobile collections, learn new skills, and meet others with similar interests in the classic car community. Interested volunteers can apply by contacting us for more details.

Visiting Our Car Museum

Embarking on a journey through the McCandless Collection is like taking a step back in time, immersing oneself in an era of elegance, innovation, and groundbreaking design. From the iconic vehicles of the Forward Look Era to the vintage memorabilia that captures the spirit of the age, the museum is a testament to the enduring allure of classic cars. Whether you’re a classic car enthusiast, a historian, or simply a curious soul, a visit to the McCandless Collection promises to be an enlightening and enriching experience. So why wait? The road to the past is open, and history awaits!