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1958 Chrysler 300D Bonneville Land Speed Record


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After the AMA ban in 1957 that ended factory backed racing, Chrysler quietly produced this one-of-two special factory production 300D, equipped with a manual transmission, custom high performance engine, custom exhaust and most factory options deleted.  Norm Thatcher, a garage owner from Van Nuys, CA, drove this car in 1958 and broke the following two-way average land speed records:

                                                                                 El Mirage – 5/25/1958 – DX/Gas Coupe – 141.06 mph
                                                                                Bonneville – 8/29/1958 – E/Gas Coupe – 156.387 mph
                                                                                 El Mirage – 9/28/1958 – DX/Gas Coupe – 145.39 mph

Norm used different engine set ups for each event but the original set up with factory Dual Quads was returned to the car and sold in its “stock” form to a private party in 1959.  This 300D is largely in original condition, including factory paint and interior.  The same owner held this car for 52 years before selling in 2011. 

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