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1958 DeSoto Firedome Convertible


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This DeSoto Firedome is presented in Spruce Green Metallic and Willow Green with a white power-operated soft-top, complementary green top boot and a green vinyl with white accent and gray cloth interior that was available as factory code 632.

The power unit for this ’50’s cruiser is the 361 CID, 295 HP V-8 with 10.0:1 compression, dual exhaust, TorqueFlite three speed push-button automatic transmission and a 3.54:1 rear end axle ratio. The car is appropriately large with a 126 inch wheelbase and an overall length of over 18 feet. Among the features are Electro-Touch Tuner AM radio, dual rear antennas, tinted glass, windshield washers, factory wheel covers, whitewall tires, power steering and brakes.

As one of only 519 produced by the factory during the course of the 1958 model year, this is a very rare example. The DeSoto has been awarded AACA recognition in the form of AACA National First Place, Junior Division at Greenville, South Carolina in April 2003, backed by an AACA Senior Division First Place Award in the Sendior Division at Hershey, Pennsylvania in October 2003. To best illustrate the continuing quality nature of this vehicle, the DeSoto received the AACA Grand National First Place Award in Lebanon, Tennessee in 2014.

The 1958 DeSoto Firedome Convertible is a true classic car enthusiast’s dream. With its sleek, aerodynamic design and powerful V8 engine, this car is a testament to the engineering ingenuity of the 1950s.

The design of the Firedome Convertible, particularly the long hood and short rear deck, gives it a sporty and sophisticated look that is sure to turn heads. The car is also equipped with a number of advanced features for its time, including power steering, power brakes, and a push-button automatic transmission.

One of the things that makes the 1958 DeSoto Firedome Convertible so special is the fact that it was only produced for a few years. This makes it a truly rare and collectible vehicle. Additionally, the convertible version of the Firedome was only available in a limited number, making it even more sought after by classic car enthusiasts.

Driving the Firedome Convertible is an experience like no other. The car’s powerful V8 engine provides plenty of power and the push-button automatic transmission makes it easy to shift gears. The car’s handling is also excellent, thanks to its advanced suspension system. The convertible top is easy to operate and provides a great way to enjoy sunny days on the road.

Overall, the 1958 DeSoto Firedome Convertible is a true classic car enthusiast’s dream. Its combination of sleek design, advanced features, and powerful performance make it a truly remarkable vehicle. If you ever have the chance to own or drive one of these cars, don’t hesitate to take it. It’s a truly rare and special experience, a true example of American automotive design and engineering of the era.

1958 DeSoto Firedome Convertible

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