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1959 Chrysler Windsor Wagon


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1959 Chrysler Windsor 6 passenger wagon. Only 992 Windsor 6 passenger and 751 9 passenger wagons were produced in 1959. This example was purchased from Washington state and features its original colors. The door panels are original as is much of the interior vinyl.

One of the things that sets the 1959 Chrysler Windsor Wagon apart from other cars of the era is its powerful 392 cubic-inch V8 engine. This powerful engine provides plenty of power and torque, making it a true thrill to drive. The car is also equipped with a 3-speed TorqueFlite automatic transmission, which provides smooth and seamless shifting.

The interior of the 1959 Chrysler Windsor Wagon is just as impressive as the exterior. The car is outfitted with spacious and comfortable seats that can accommodate up to six passengers. It also features a host of other high-end features, such as air conditioning and power windows. The dash is also beautifully designed and features a full array of gauges and controls.

The 1959 Chrysler Windsor Wagon is also known for its spacious cargo area, making it a perfect car for families or those who love to travel. It can easily accommodate large items like bicycles, camping gear, and luggage. Additionally, the wagon’s rear seats can be folded down to create even more cargo space.

What makes the 1959 Chrysler Windsor Wagon stand out from other wagons of the era is its sleek, aerodynamic design. The Windsor was one of the first Chrysler models to feature a “unibody” construction, which gave it a more streamlined look and improved handling. Additionally, the Windsor was also the first Chrysler model to feature a “Power steering” system, which made it easier to drive, especially for long trips.

1959 Chrysler Windsor Wagon

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