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1965 Imperial Convertible


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The McCandless Collection will take you back to the days of "The Forward Look Era" automotive design, racing, and drivers themselves. We guarantee an unforgettable experience. With so many classic vehicles under one roof, we have something everyone will get excited about.

Sometimes you buy a car that isn’t as described. When this was purchased six years ago, it showed up as a ”restored” car. Unfortunately, the block had a hole in it, held together with putty. With a plan to go to Chryslers at Carlisle, we quickly transplanted a motor that had been rebuilt from a 1962 Imperial. There is nothing original about this car but it gets driven a LOT. This is one of the best cars in the collection for pure driving fun.

1965 Imperial Convertible: The Pinnacle of Luxury and Prestige

Step into the mid-1960s, a transformative time of counterculture movements, iconic music, and in the world of automobiles, a golden era where luxury cars were built with a level of craftsmanship and elegance that’s sorely missed today. Among those majestic creations, the 1965 Imperial Convertible stood as a beacon of American luxury and automotive prowess. Let’s journey back to a time when Imperial wasn’t just a nameplate but a statement of regal opulence.

A Timeless Silhouette

Chrysler’s Imperial had always been a symbol of style and sophistication, and the 1965 Convertible was no exception. With its long, flowing lines, a chrome grill that seemed to stretch on forever, and those uniquely styled headlights, it was more than just a car—it was a masterpiece on wheels. And with the convertible top down, it epitomized open-air grandeur.

Under the Hood: Pure Power

Luxury wasn’t just about looks for the Imperial; it needed the heartbeat of a powerful engine to match its commanding presence. Nestled beneath its expansive hood lay a 413 cubic-inch V8, delivering a smooth 340 horsepower. With such strength, the Imperial Convertible glided on highways, its engine’s purr hinting at the raw power beneath.

Opulence Inside and Out

Step inside the 1965 Imperial Convertible, and you were transported to a world of lavishness. Plush leather seats, intricately designed instrument panels, and cutting-edge (for its time) features like the Auto-Pilot cruise control system surrounded the driver and passengers. Every journey, no matter how short, felt like a trip through the palace grounds.

A League of Its Own

While other luxury cars of the era, such as the Cadillac and Lincoln, had their merits, the Imperial Convertible was in a class by itself. The attention to detail, the sheer quality of materials used, and the brand’s commitment to delivering an unmatched driving experience set it apart.

An Imperial Legacy

Over the decades, many cars have come and gone, each leaving its mark on automotive history. Yet, the 1965 Imperial Convertible remains etched in the memories of classic car enthusiasts. It’s a testament to a time when automobiles weren’t just designed to go from point A to B but were crafted with a level of care, pride, and luxury that made every drive an event.

In the vast tapestry of automotive history, the 1965 Imperial Convertible shines bright, a symbol of an era when luxury knew no bounds, and cars were built not just with hands but with heart. For all who have had the privilege to drive, own, or even admire this majestic beast, one sentiment rings true: they simply don’t make them like the Imperial anymore.

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