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1972 Sox & Martin Pro Stock Dodge Demon


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In January of 1972, a Dodge Demon body in white arrived at the Sox & Martin shop. Dad and Gale Mortimer built the Demon from a body in white to the car you see today. Going with the belief that nothing is lighter than a hole, the Demon was lightened as much as possible. A non-exhaustive list of parts that received holes were: upper control arms, brake pedal, disc brake rotors, drums, back plates, battery hold down, bolts that held the ladder bars were riffle drilled plus countless other pieces.

Acid dipped parts included: control arms, K member as well as the entire body from the factory (foam in quarters to provide support). The hood pins were titanium as well as the clips. The wheels were magnesium, saving a tremendous amount of weight. The fenders were lengthened 2” and the trunk area shortened 2” to make sure the car met NHRA specs. The entire floor was removed, raised 2” and put back in because Dad wanted to sit higher in the car. The front frame rails were widened 2” to allow an E body K member, providing more header room under the hood.

All suspension was swapped from driver to passenger side to accommodate the rack and pinion. This car was a labor of love. Out of all his cars, this was his favorite. This car in its current form, would not be possible if not for Todd Werner. Todd had an amazing restoration done on this car in the mid 2000’s. He was an amazing care taker for this car and I am forever grateful that Todd was willing to work with me to bring this car back home.

1972 Sox & Martin Pro Stock Dodge Demon


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